Nathan Paulsen

I have worked in human services for much of the past decade; during that time, I acquired an intimate viewpoint on the suffering that structural violence causes in the everyday life of our nation. In writing for War Times, I am particularly concerned with how the United States military machine – consuming hundreds of billions of tax-dollars on an annual basis to wage war and export death – has left us with fewer resources at home for health care, public education, affordable shelter, living wage jobs, domestic violence shelters, and other critical social needs.

Overall, my political perspective is informed by a European-American working class family background, a good dose of personal trial through despair, and a lot of love for long-haul movement strategies to build a more peaceful and sane world. I am confident that what poor and oppressed people lack in financial resources is more than made up for with our sheer numbers, smarts and ability to cooperate toward common goals. I believe building mass movement – and patiently bringing millions of people into active engagement with politics – is the best and most effective route to create social justice and a viable alternative to the dominant institutions that have failed our communities.

My hope that another world is possible is grounded in having witnessed collective action win material gains and change power dynamics. I am also inspired by the generations of organizers who faced serious risk to overcome difficult odds and succeeded in achieving abolition, suffrage, labor rights, social welfare, civil rights, domestic violence shelters, rape shield laws, and other concrete victories that improved the quality of our lives.


July 4, 2013

Las guerras y ocupaciones de Washington:
Resumen del mes #98

Nathan Paulsen ubica las revelaciones sobre la NSA en la larga y engorrosa historia de vigilancia de parte del gobierno de EE.UU., describe el contexto de la decisión de la Corte Suprema para eviscerar la Ley de Derecho al Voto, y cierra con el desafío que enfrentamos los que aborrecemos la injusticia. 

October 22, 2012

Las guerras y ocupaciones de Washington:
Resumen del mes #89/ 30 de septiembre de 2012

Por Nathan Paulsen
Traducido por Ruth Warner Carillo

January 5, 2012

Las guerras y ocupaciones de Washington: 
Resumen del mes #80
31 de diciembre de 2011

Por Nathan Paulsen, War Times/Tiempo de Guerras

August 5, 2011

Las guerras y ocupaciones de Washington:
Resumen del mes #75

29 de julio de 2011

Por Nathan Paulsen,traducido por Ruth Warner Carrillo

Abastecer a un ejército a una gran distancia es empobrecer al pueblo de uno... Toda su fuerza se gasta en el campo de batalla y quedan indigentes las familias en el frente interno. -- Sun Tzu, El arte de la guerra