Spotlight on Iran: Keep the Pressure On!

Jan 19, 2014

While this past week saw substantial progress for the pro-diplomacy and antiwar movements in the US, the high-stakes fight over Washington's negotiations with Iran is far from over.

To help sort through the complex and changing political landscape, War Times has put together a collection of links and articles that cover this past week's events .

Beginning in Washington, Jim Lobe takes a closer look at how AIPAC's efforts stalled out in the US Senate. Over at Mondoweiss, you can read the full text of Diane Feinstein's unprecedented statements on the Senate floor. The Washington Post reported that Democratic Senators who have been pushing for further sanctions are loosing steam, even as some longtime hawks came out in support of diplomacy.

Meanwhile, popular support for diplomacy is growing rapidly across the US. Sarah Lazare has had a series of excellent articles highlighting the growing opposition to the sanctions on Common Dreams.

If you're looking for an in-depth exploration of what's on the table, The Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation has done a detailed analysis of the sanction bill and its disastrous consequences, noting that “this bill, by its many steps to close the window for diplomacy with Iran, could end the international sanctions regime and lead either to a nuclear-armed Iran or to a war in which U.S. armed forces might well be active participants."

Finally, Code Pink, DailyKos, the Nation, and others have organized a petition to keep the pressure on Sen. Harry Reid. Click here to sign. 

Stay tuned to for more!

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