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Hope for Russia’s hopeless elections

“I’m not participating in this shit” could become the main political slogan at Russia’s upcoming presidential elections. RU

ISIS and Tunisia-Iran: a deeper link

The anger and ideals of excluded young people contain a story of the world's disorder.

‘Happy 18th birthday! You’re out’

Tougher internal controls under Macron are only giving police more
powers, allowing them to conduct identity checks in emergency shelters.
Brutality towards migrants is likely to become even more common.

The tentacles of autocratic regimes: the case of Egypt

The process of repression is outsourced to the citizenry who indirectly secure absolute power for the regime. It is a vicious cycle with the masses being both the victims as well as beneficiaries of repression. 

Who drills, wins

When it comes to oil, Norway just can’t help itself.

Frontpage 18th January

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