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#KefayaWar! - Enough War!

Since March 26, Yemenis have endured a U.S./Saudi air war and siege, in a conflict that has so far killed at least 1,500 people and displaced 300,000 civilians. ON THURSDAY, MAY 14TH, send a message of solidarity to Yemen -  - as part of the... Read more Send a message of solidarity to the people of Yemen!

Gaza: Take Action to Stop Collective Punishment by Massacre

Friends, Each hour the crisis in Gaza gets worse. Children killed in their sleep…... Read more Take Action for Gaza (but read the article for more opportunities)


URGENT CALL FOR A NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION THURSDAY, JULY 24 END THE ASSAULT ON GAZA AND LIFT THE BLOCKADE Please join us this Thursday, July 24, in this urgent call to stop the Israeli... Read more Add your local action here!

June is Torture Awareness Month

June is Torture Awareness Month, and The National Religious Coalition against Torture is providing resources and activities to honor survivors of torture, ensure that the truth about the U.S.... Read more Sign petition to release Senate CIA report

Tax Day • Global Day of Action on MIlitary Spending

It is just 2 weeks until Tax Day/Global Day of Action on Military Spending on April 15. Actions are planned in Greensboro,NC, Superior,WI, St Louis & Kansas City, MO, Duluth,MN, Cleveland,OH, Boston,MA , Seattle, WA, Portland,OR, San Mateo... Read more Cut Military Spending!

Act Now for Negotiations with Iran

According to the latest count from MoveOn, pro-war senators are just eight co-sponsors shy of having enough votes to override a promised presidential veto of their dangerous new Iran sanctions legislation. If that bill becomes law... Read more Tell your senator: give peace with Iran a chance!

Donate to Philippines Disaster Relief

You can donate to grassroots organizations providing disaster relief in the Philippines here, and find... Read more Donations for Typhoon Survivors

Protect Colombian Human Rights Leader Ricardo Esquivia

From Witness for Peace: Ricardo Esquivia, a renowned Colombian human rights lawyer, peace advocate, religious leader will be arrested by the military on false charges of being a guerrilla if we don... Read more Protect Ricardo Esquivia

Support Walmart Workers

Ten current or recently fired Walmart workers were recently arrested in Washington, DC for peaceful civil disobedience near Walmart's downtown office. This action comes after the company fired or disciplined more than 70 workers for going on strike... Read more Support Fired and/or Arrested Walmart Workers