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Sep 30, 2014

Dear readers and friends, 

Events from Iraq, Syria and Gaza to Ferguson and the U.S-Mexico border underscore why work against war and militarism rooted in a "race, class and gender" analysis is needed more than ever. So we wish we were writing to announce expansion of War Times efforts.  Unfortunately this is one of those times when a specific project needs to adjust and retrench so that its members – both as individuals and as participants in a variety of radical projects – can make larger and more effective contributions over the long haul.

Our capacity is not what we had hoped when we launched our ambitious War Times 3.0 effort a year ago. The demands of other political involvements, job changes and the challenges of life in general have limited the energy our all-volunteer staffers can put into War Times. This project will continue. But we will not be able to write, publish and distribute analytic and informational pieces as frequently as before.

War Times' Month in Review column will be discontinued. Instead, we will be publishing analytic pieces in various formats on a quarterly basis. We also plan to write and distribute shorter 'take action'-oriented pieces at key junctures along the lines of the Three Reasons Venezuela Matters alert War Times issued last February. To further strategic discussion among antiwar and left activists, we hope to update the perspective in our 2012 New Moment, New Movement paper with an essay on 21st century anti-militarism sometime in 2015.

As in the past, these articles will be sent to our email subscribers and published on the War Times website and FaceBook page. All past War Times articles will remain accessible on our website. 

Scaling back War Times' output is not due to a shortage of money. We tremendously appreciate the generous financial support from so many of you, which has kept this project solvent for the last several years. In War Times' next phase as an all-volunteer effort with no major expenses, we will be closing down our on-line donation service. We encourage all friends to turn your generosity to one of the many antiwar, anti-militarist projects that are doing crucial work and are in need of support. (War Timer Max Elbaum will be running his annual Marathon for Peace again this fall on behalf of U.S. Labor Against the War.)  

We would most welcome your thoughts about War Times 'work past, present and future, and about directions for fighting militarism in the months and years ahead. Write us at [email protected].

Thanks and Peace,

The War Times Collective

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the entire War Times project

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