Beyond Electoral Victories: War Times & the Work Ahead

Nov 11, 2012

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Without a doubt, Tuesday’s elections marked victories for progressive forces around the country on a local and national level. From protecting social spending, to women’s reproductive health, to LGBT and veterans’ rights, to immigration and drug policy reform, the people of the United States made clear the issues they most care about, turning away from a neoliberal, racist and divisive Republican narrative.

But what was not made clear on Tuesday is how in times of economic crisis, any such domestic changes will come about, so long as the U.S. military machine persists and expands; a machine that has cost millions of lives and billions of dollars. The so-called war on terror has always been a bi-partisan project. It has made the world less safe, less free, and less just. 

A second-term President Obama will not slash the military budget ($500+ billion a year), bring an end to drone killings, restore civil liberties, nor cut off U.S. military and financial backing for Israel's ever-expanding land grab. Only massive pressure from an informed and aroused public can accomplish that. And War Times is one of the too few organizations working toward that goal.

War Times believes it is vital to make sure people are informed about the issues of war and peace - especially from a race, class and gender perspective - and from a framework that looks at how militarism permeates all aspects of our society.

And in recent months we have redoubled our efforts:

  • In addition to our Month in Review analysis, we have more articles than ever before thanks to our growing pool of writers. This summer six new members joined War Times along with new guest writers.
  • Our writing covers a range of issues and topics that broaden the framework of militarism so we're also talking about labor struggles, popular culture, gender perspectives and looking at other national and international movements.
  • We’ve hired a part-time staff person, Francesca Fiorentini, who now coordinates the expansion of our written and video output and is increasing our presence on Facebook,Twitter and YouTube.
  • We’ve stepped up distribution of the Spanish versions of our Month in Review feature

But for War Times to continue expanding and broadening our efforts, we need your support

Our goal is quite humble - we are trying to raise $5000 by year's end. So won't you contribute and join your voice with ours?

All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permissible by law. You can donate on-line here, or if you’d rather, send a check to War Times, P.O. Box 22748, Oakland CA 94609. 

The time to set aside war and empire and set forth new priorities for the U.S. is now.

Thank you for your support!

The War Times Crew

P.S. One of our founding members, Max Elbaum is running his annual Marathon for Peace, with all proceeds benefiting War Times. Learn more about how you can support him and War Times at the same time.

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the entire War Times project

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